Picture of Steven Roth, Founder of DeepSeed AI and creator of the Manage My Business app
Steven Roth

Our Story

Manage My Business was created by a small business owner (a bakery/cafe) that understands the frustrations with poorly designed apps, complex data analytics, and just a general lack of useful tools for "mom-and-pop" business owners.

Fortunately, he also understands product design, data visualization, artificial intelligence and retail strategy from working at Google and other high-tech companies.

As a result,  Manage My Business combines a hands-on understanding of small businesses with the most advanced technology available to businesses of any size. And the Best Practices for Small Business Success articles provide practical, real-world advice on how to make better and more data-driven decisions.

Our mission is to help your small business succeed. If there's anything we can do to help your small business. please let us know!