Adding a Second Clover Location

Note: The multi-location feature is only available with the Premier plan. If you're not currently on this plan, select the Profile & Billing option in the side menu to upgrade to this plan.

To add a new location, select the Locations / Connections option in the side menu.

At the bottom of the Location section for your current location, tap the Add Location button.

Enter the Location Name and Postal Code. Adjust the Time Zone and End of Business Day fields as needed. Your changes will be automatically saved.

In the Connections section, tap the Add Connection button. Select the Clover option.

On the Connection page, tap the Connect to Clover button. You will be taken to the Clover website to complete this process.

Log into the Clover account that you'd like to connect to the Manage My Business app. If you're already logged into a different Clover account, log out and then log into the correct account.

You will be taken to the Manage My Business app page in the Clover App Market. Tap the Connect button.

Select the Essentials plan to authorize the additional $9.99/month for the second Clover connection. This location / connection will have all the features of the Premier plan, but choosing this option will reduce your monthly fees. Click Connect to continue.

You should then be switched back the Manage My Business app. If not, close the Clover tab to return to the app.

At this point, the historical data will be retrieved for this new connection. The last 30 days of history will appear within a few minutes, while the rest will be available by 10:00am ET the next day.

A few tips for using multiple locations:

  • To switch between locations, just tap the location name at the top of the screen.
  • When using this app on a mobile device, you may need to shorten the location names (using the Locations / Connections page in the side menu) so more locations will fit on the smaller screen.
  • If you would like to allow additional users to access the app, just provide the email address of each user to support@managemybusiness.app. There's no additional cost for adding users.

Please contact support@managemybusiness.app with any questions.