Small business. Big insights.

Manage My Business™ is a digital assistant that uncovers ideas, trends, opportunities and risks for your small business.

It analyzes price changes. Finds trending products. Highlights successes. And makes complex data simple – but not simplistic.

Spend just two minutes a day during your free two-week trial. We guarantee it will help you make better data-driven decisions.

Supported sales channels:

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KEY Insights
Manage My Business™ uses AI, data mining and advanced statistical analysis to find answers to the most important questions about your business
How do I know if a price increase had positive results?
See whether a price change was effective at increasing sales and/or profitability. Make better-informed decisions in future price increases.
Did I achieve any sales records today?
Recognize and celebrate your successes! See when you've achieved a Top 10 result for sales by hour, day, or day of the week.
Are my prices keeping up with inflation?
Compare your year-over-year price increases to the monthly inflation rate. See if you're keeping up with inflation or need to make adjustments.
What does the week ahead look like?
Plan ahead using the 7-day sales and weather forecast. Be aware of holidays and events that may affect sales.
How loyal are my
Get a quarterly update on the loyalty of your customers, including when your loyal customers are visiting.
Which products are
See trending products in this weekly ranking of product-level sales, including products falling out of the Top 10.
What are the latest trends by the day of the week?
Get a "day of the week" view to see if there are shifts in consumer behavior for specific days of the week.
How do consumers feel about the future?
Get a monthly update on consumer behavior and future buying intent to put your business performance in context.
Do any orders need
my attention?
Keep on top of orders you consider to be important, such as custom orders, orders including newly launched products, or unusually large orders.
This is just a sample of available insights. New insights are introduced regularly.
OTHER KEY Features
Phone showing key metrics being updated in real-time

All of your sales in one place

No need to repeatly log into different dashboards hunting for your sales numbers. New orders appear within seconds.

Currently supports Square, Clover, Shopify, DoorDash, Caviar, GrubHub and Seamless – with more coming soon.

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Actionable Dashboards

Drill down into any detail that is interesting to you. Deeper insights are just a tap away.

Measure your product-level profitability.

Identify the time of day specific products sell best. Or when your most loyal customers tend to visit.

Learn whether it makes sense to adjust your store hours. Or increase your prices.

Phone and tablet showing actionable insights in the Manage My Business app

Designed for "mom-and-pop" stores

Setup is quick and simple. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

It was designed by a small business owner just like you. There are even Best Practices guides to help you every step of the way.

The price is affordable – just $14.95/month – for any small business. Even one improved decision can justify the cost for an entire year.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Many small businesses rely on the Manage My Business app every day to make better decisions for their business.

Testimonial image for Allyson A Bake Shop in Mount Dora, FL.
Terese Roth
Allyson A Bake Shop
Five-star rating in testimonial for Manage My Business app.

I use this app every day to keep a close eye on my business. It helps me plan how much to bake each day to avoid waste, as well as to optimize staffing.

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John Carter
VP of Sales at Webflow
Five star rating for testimonial

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